Label Rouge “Atlantic Sea Salt”

The Label Rouge is intended to guarantee the superior quality of a product by focusing on its production or manufacturing process as well as its taste qualities. It is a French quality label created in 1960, awarded to an agricultural or food product and recognisable by its red logo.

The Label Rouge is reserved for collective approaches. It certifies that the product has a set of specific characteristics that establish a higher level of quality than a similar common product. At all stages of production and elaboration, the product must comply with controls and requirements – updated periodically – in terms of quality and taste.

The Label Rouge “Atlantic Sea Salt” was obtained in 1991 (Homologation N° 06/91). This Label Rouge salt is a grey sea salt, harvested manually, without additives and rich in magnesium.

Producers who produce grey sea salt in compliance with the criteria of the specifications are eligible for this label.

The notice of launch of the public consultation for the application for the PGI “sel de Guérande” was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 29 June 2011. This consultation lasts 6 months and concerns all member states except France.

Registration in the Official Journal of the European Union of the sel de Guérande – Fleur de sel de Guérande PGI on 19 March 2012


The credibility of the official quality identification signs is based on the controls of the entire sector. There are two levels of controls: external controls and internal controls.

External controls are carried out by a certification body on the entire sector, including upstream, i.e. the producers. This body must be independent, impartial and competent in the production concerned. It is accredited by the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC) and approved by the INAO to perform this function. The latter regularly check that it complies with its remit.

Internal controls are carried out by APROSELA. They enable it to ensure that the requirements for salt labelling are met. Any failure to comply with the specifications must be corrected by the operator concerned.

The frequency of inspections and the points to be checked are defined in the inspection plan for the specification concerned.

Aqualabel :

APROSELA is also a member of AQUALABEL, an association that brings together groups of producers with Label Rouge certification in the seafood sector